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All housewives have to clean the apartment at one or another frequency. General cleaning is performed before major holidays, several times a year, while it is advisable to do maintenance at least 2 times a week. Not everyone loves this activity because it sometimes takes a whole day. But if you are carrying out cleaning according to a specific plan, then you can significantly reduce the cleaning time.

At the moment, due to quarantine, there is nowhere to rush, but you should not waste your time. It is better to spend the saved time on family and recreation. Cleaning company Comfort House can do all the work for you – and we will be glad if you contact us. You can also get acquainted with the list of works performed by our employees if you order apartment cleaning from us. But if you still want to clean it yourself – here are the tips on “How to properly clean the apartment.”

Where To Begin Cleaning The Apartment

First of all, with a positive attitude and choosing a convenient time, since general cleaning still takes a little more time than a quick cleaning. First of all, you should prepare detergents and cleaning equipment in the form of a bucket, basin, rag, sprayer, mop, and other small things. After everything is ready, you can start planning the cleaning.

Things Needed To Clean The Apartment

Before starting the cleaning, you need to arrange some cleaning materials that will help you in cleaning the apartment more efficiently:

  • Detergents for removing soot and greasy stains;
  • Cleaning powders and gels;
  • Means for processing carpets and upholstery;
  • Polish;
  • Rubber gloves, napkins, rags, washing sponges.

Please note that there is nothing shameful to be ashamed of about cleaning. And if it so happened that there is no time to clean, then there is nothing left but to live cleaning from general to general. In our time, women work no worse than men, and therefore, they also do not have time for cleaning. And besides cleaning, women have time to cook dinner after work and check the lessons of their children. Not to mention the fact that there should be time to put themselves in order, and also want to sleep. Yes, these are the realities of the modern life of working women, and to make “housework” easier for yourself. You should properly organize the very thing that is always lacking. As you already understood, we are talking about time.

Cleaning Plan Of The Apartment

To begin with, first, you need to set the cleaning areas one by one according to the need to clean, it can be anything but you have to give priority to the rooms and things that need cleaning. Like,

  • Windows – Start cleaning rooms and premises by washing windows, both external and internal.
  • Kitchen – After that, continue cleaning the kitchen, as this is the “smelliest” place in your apartment.
  • Bedroom – After the kitchen, you can start unloading and cleaning your bedroom.
  • Living Room – Next, follow the cleaning of the living room.
  • Toilet and bathtub – Finish cleaning the bathtub and toilet.
  • The entrance hall and the hall – from where the dirt “enters” the most, and where you need to finish.

This choice was not made by chance, since such cleaning will give you maximum productivity. If you notice that cleaning alternates with lighter and harder, which will allow you to distribute your strength. So, you will not get tired after the general cleaning.


If everything is more or less clear with windows, then you should start cleaning the kitchen, but now we recommend that you pay attention to a couple of simple life hacks for cleaning windows.

  • Never wash windows directly with detergent.
  • First, wipe the windows with a dry or damp cloth, then saw the glass cleaner.
  • Alternatively, you can wait until the surface dries and for now take off the curtains, which also need to be washed.
  • Throw the curtains in the wash and go back to the windows.
  • If the result of washing does not satisfy you, then we advise you to rub the windows with a good old newspaper.

Yes, this will surprise you, that even employees of cleaning companies sometimes do not disdain old methods. I rub mirrors and glass to a shine that is sometimes impossible to achieve even with the most expensive detergents.


It is from the kitchen that it is recommendable to start cleaning: this is the most polluted room and it takes the most effort and time to clean it.

Pour water over dirty dishes to soak them or put them in the dishwasher. Apply detergent to the stove and leave it for a while. In the meantime, remove all unnecessary things in their places and wipe tables and other surfaces, and household appliances with a damp cloth. Soaked dishes can now be easily and quickly washed off, and you won’t have to make an effort to clean the stove.


Spread the detergent over the surface of the bathtub and sink and let it work for a while. For the bathroom, it is good to take a detergent that eliminates yellowness and water scale.

Be sure to wash the walls and walls of the shower. Drops of water remain on them, which turn into ugly plaque. Pay attention to cleaning tile joints and the presence of mold. Pay special attention to the mirror – window cleaner and a high-quality rag are faithful helpers.

Under the rim of the toilet bowl and on all surfaces where there is no water, it is also necessary to apply detergent and leave it to dissolve all plaque. Also, clean the outside of the toilet too. For the toilet to have a pleasant aroma and cleanliness, you can put special tablets in the toilet bowl, which will become faithful assistants to the hostess. And also, especially in a large family, it is recommendable to install an automatic air freshener in the toilet – constant freshness and pleasant aromas will be provided.

Cleaning Up Excess

Now you can go to other rooms of the apartment: bedroom, living room. Remove all unnecessary things in places, and send everything that needs to be washed to the basket with dirty laundry. Send broken things either for repair or in the trash. If general cleaning is carried out at the change of seasons, then it is very good to sort out unused things. There is a postulate – if you haven’t used/worn the thing for a year, throw it away or give it to someone. Collect a bag of unused items and donate them to charity.


It’s time to fight the dust. And the very first assistant in this matter is a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the floor, even if it is not carpeted. This will make further wet cleaning easier. Vacuum the upholstered furniture. And then wipe the dust from all other surfaces. It is good to use special clothes with an antistatic effect or rotating brushes for this.


Wash the mirror in the bathroom, so that you can clean the other remaining ones to wash in the apartment. Choose a product that does not leave streaks the first time so that washing mirrors does not turn into hard labor. Clean mirrors without streaks are very important not only if you expect the guests to arrive.

Floor Washing

This is the final step in cleaning the apartment. It is necessary to wash the floor everywhere: kitchen, bathroom, and all other rooms. Always mop the floor towards the door and rinse the mop/cloth frequently. Pay special attention to hard-to-reach places: under furniture, under radiators, and along skirting boards.

How Often To Clean The Apartment

In the realities of Kyiv and the Kyiv region, in particular Irpin and Vyshgorod, it should be understood that the frequency of cleaning is a seasonal thing. In winter and autumn, they clean less often – while in spring and summer, you need to clean the apartment more often. Seasonal fires increased traffic in the city, as well as the area of ​​​​residence – all affect the frequency of cleaning. Obviously, in Poznyaki and Kharkiv, you need to clean the apartment and wash the windows much more often than in Irpin.

If the hostess works five days a week, then only weekends remain for cleaning. And in principle, if there is no sick person in the apartment, it is enough to carry out wet cleaning once a week. If the apartment has a small child, then you should do wet cleaning daily.

Important: If you carry out high-quality cleaning once a week, then it will not take much time. Many things will be done automatically and there will be time for a full weekend. And of course, another important tip – do not accumulate dirty dishes in the sink. Wash them immediately after eating, and put things away immediately after use in their places, it will reduce the cleaning time.

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