How To Remove Rust From A Toilet

How To Remove Rust From A Toilet

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Due to intensive use, plumbing fixtures gradually lose their original appearance. Often, rust begins to appear on the inner surface of the toilet bowl, delivering aesthetic discomfort. Below are methods that allow you to keep the cleanliness from which you can easily remove the rust from a toilet and maintain the excellent appearance of plumbing for as long as possible.

Causes Of Rust

Rust on the surface of the toilet occurs as a result of several factors, the key of which is the increased concentration of iron salts in tap water. The solution will be the purchase of capsules or tablets, under the influence of which the chemical composition of water changes.

In many cases, the source of rust is in non-galvanized steel pipes that is in operation for a long time. The best solution is to add the above tablets to the tank. In the absence of the desired effect, there is a requirement for the installation of polypropylene or metal-plastic pipes.

The rough surface of the toilet bowl contributes to the intense appearance of stains. In particular, this applies to faience specimens. At the same time, porcelain toilet bowls have a smoother surface, which is not so much exposed to pollution.

Rust marks are caused by a leaking tank. It is necessary to fix the problem as soon as possible because otherwise, the stains will soon reappear.

Removing Rust By Using Household Chemicals

These household chemicals include the following types:


This group includes products whose cleansing effect starts with the mechanical action of powder particles on contaminated areas. Apply the substances to a rag or sponge, then wipe the stain intensively until it disappears. Despite the positive result, the cleaning process will take a long time. There is a high probability of damage to the integrity of the surface of the toilet bowl by small sharp particles of the powder.


Means of this group do not cause damage to the surface of the plumbing. They should cover the stain, and after 10-15 minutes, wash off the remnants of the substance with water. It should take into consideration that alkaline household chemicals are powerless concerning ingrained pollution.


Under the influence of these substances, pollution simply dissolves. They do an excellent job with various types of stains. It should be taken into account the fact that the use of these funds at home requires compliance with safety rules. Make sure you wear gloves before cleaning. Directly in the process, contact with a chemically aggressive substance with the skin and eyes should be prevented. Acids are suitable for both earthenware and porcelain toilet bowls. At the same time, it is worth refusing to use them to remove stains from an enameled bath, because they dissolve the enamel.

On a note! Do not use different household chemicals at the same time. Not only can this cause unpredictable chemical reactions, but it can also damage the surface of the toilet.

Folk Recipes To Remove Rust From A Toilet

  • Soak a cloth in vinegar and place it on the stained area. After 30 minutes or an hour, rinse the area well with water.
  • Mix peroxide and ammonia in a ratio of 1:10. Apply the mixture to the stain and leave for several hours.
  • Coat rust spots with oxalic acid. After an hour, it is necessary to wipe this area with a sponge moistened with ammonia and then rinse with plenty of water.
  • Pollution must be carefully poured with hydrochloric acid for several minutes, and then rinsed well with water.

Little Tricks To Remove Rust From A Toilet

In the absence of a cleaning agent, you can clean the surface of the toilet bowl from rust stains as follows:

  • Apply toothpaste to the desired area and brush.
  • Moisten a washcloth with a drink such as Cola, Sprite, or Fanta and place it on the stained area. After some time, you need to rinse this place with water.
  • Coat the stain with battery electrolyte. Wash off the liquid after 15 minutes.
  • If something did not work out – order the cleaning of the apartment from our cleaning company. Cleaning of the bathroom is included in any package.

For plumbing to retain its original appearance for as long as possible, it is necessary to regularly clean and eliminates possible breakdowns in time. At the stage of purchasing plumbing fixtures, it is appropriate to opt for specimens with a water-repellent glaze, which prevents the occurrence of pollution.

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