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The importance of feeling clean in your home, you cannot overestimate in any way. Regular cleaning often includes a set of well-known simple procedures for organizing things, removing dirt, debris, and dust from surfaces in housing, and changing bed linen. Carrying out general cleaning, as a rule, seasonally and also has a standard set of familiar processes. Such as washing windows, washing curtains, and cleaning carpets. Few people think about the cleanliness of such inconspicuous mattresses in the house! In this article, we have covered complete detail about mattress cleaning.

In our age of allergies, which is the pandemic of the 21st century, it is evident that the usual “old-fashion” methods of cleaning your home are not sufficient, and health care does not tolerate savings on cleanliness.

Is Your Mattress The Dirtiest Place In The House?

It is surprising that until now people rarely think that the place where a person spends most of his time is at home. It is often one of the most polluted in the house and remains without proper care. So, in bed, even under the condition of frequent changes of linen and the most careful use, bacteria, secretions of the human body (sweat, for example), and dust. And all kinds of other contaminants accumulate on the mattress.

According to scientific studies, for 5 years of the normal use of a mattress without professional dry cleaning, about 2 kg of dust accumulates in it!

What Hides An Uncleaned Mattress?

House dust, gradually settles and penetrates deep into the mattress. It can contain an innumerable number of the smallest, very unpleasant, and even dangerous organic and mineral particles, in particular:

  • Dandruff and pet hair;
  • Dead particles of human skin;
  • Elements of food (crumbs, spots);
  • Fragments of insect bodies and bird feathers;
  • Mold spores;
  • Sand;
  • Tissue villi;
  • The smallest elements of materials from which walls are made, household items;
  • The excrement of insects and other microorganisms.

And this is far from a complete list!

In addition to all this, the mattress is an ideal environment for the development of various microbes and bacteria, as well as for the habitat and reproduction of dust mites. According to doctors, dust mites and other dangerous pathogens live in mattresses in 90% of the population!

In addition to dust, during operation, the mattress absorbs a wide variety of odors, which over time can concentrate into a bouquet that is very unpleasant for the sense of smell.

Professional Cleaning Of The Mattress

Professional cleaning of the mattress is the only way to eliminate problems associated with its pollution. As experience proves, it is impossible to effectively deal with a dirty mattress without professional equipment and experienced specialists.

Old stains of various origins, grease, invisible mycobacteria (fungi, mold), and dust mites, have penetrated deep into the mattress for years. It can fully remove from its thickness with improvised household appliances. And means, even using special household chemicals widely presented in stores, you cannot can. What can we say about the likelihood of hopeless damage to a product? That is generally durable in operation by improperly selecting stain removers and mechanical action?

Only a specialist with professional experience, special equipment, and means, which are expertly selected taking into account the characteristics of various stains and contaminants. It will be able to qualitatively and efficiently cope with such a task.

What Does Mattress Cleaning Include?

Experts recommend getting your mattresses professionally cleaned every six months. Dry cleaning of mattresses includes:

  • Treatment with detergents, cleaning agents, and stain removal;
  • Odor removal;
  • Restoration of brightness (freshness) of color.

How Is Mattress Cleaning Done By Our Team?

The advantages of our company in providing services for the dry cleaning of mattresses are as follows.

  1. The service is provided with a visit to your home. You will not have to deliver a bulky dusty mattress anywhere. Each specialist of our company conscientiously and qualitatively performs his work at the highest professional level and is distinguishable by courtesy and attentive attitude to each client.
  2. We will bring all the necessary working equipment and the best modern chemicals that are safe for health.
  3. We always responsibly and professionally select the means and methods of exposure to various dirt and stains. The specialists of our company know all possible materials for mattress upholstery and internal fillers, taking into account the characteristics of which our work is carried out.
  4. Carry out deep cleaning of mattresses with the help of an extractor machine, which sprays a special solution of effective action over the entire thickness of the mattress. As a result of complete absorption into the mattress, the moisture of the solution disinfects and absorbs dust and dirt. Then it completely removes, leaving your mattress perfectly clean and fresh!

Our company has many years of successful experience in providing mattress cleaning services. The quality and result of our work will fully justify your costs because the comfort and health of your family depend on the cleanliness of the house.

Entrust the cleaning of your mattresses to our professional team and always be healthy

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