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Carpets and rugs at all times were intended to create comfort. But there is one disadvantage of using carpets. No matter how hard you try to carefully walk on carpets, they lose their former appearance over time, get dirty, ugly coffee stains appear on them, traces of animals that ran into the house after walking outside in rainy weather, or, even worse, painted with paints or pencils by the hand of little artists. However, do not despair, at home, you can easily do the cleaning of the carpet with the help of improvised means.

Carpet Cleaning Methods: Choose The Most Suitable

Simultaneously with the appearance of carpets in the houses, the owners began to come up with ways to clean the rugs from dust and dirt: stains from drinks, traces, and animal hair.

Consider the most common ways to clean carpets at home, which are used by housewives;

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is the fastest and most affordable way to clean carpets from dust. He has no equal. Thanks to the development of progress, washing vacuum cleaners were invented. However, household appliances are designed only to deal with dust, they will not be able to cope with heavy dirt and stains. In addition, the washing vacuum cleaner delivers a lot of inconvenience. After cleaning with a washing vacuum cleaner, it takes a long time to dry the floor covering, which is not always a convenient option, especially when it is not possible to take it outside and dry the carpet.

Snow Copes With Heavy Dust And Dirt 

After cleaning the carpet on the street in winter, the carpet will saturate with freshness and a frosty aroma. You don’t even have to use air conditioners. However, this method is seasonal. And then, it is not always possible to clean the carpet in the snow, since many winters are snowless. When cleaning in the snow, will take a lot of effort, as for the coating you have to beat it well to remove all the dust from the carpet. During cleaning, the carpet is saturated with moisture and, again, it will take some time to dry it before laying it in its original place. This is perhaps a significant disadvantage.

Professional Carpet Cleaning 

Professional carpet cleaning at home is the best way to deal with dirt of any kind. With the use of special tools, not only old stains are removed, but also an unpleasant, stubborn smell is removed. After all the manipulations, the carpet retains its original appearance. It is returned to its owner safe and sound. This method has a significant drawback – not everyone can afford dry cleaning services.

Sprays, Powders, And Other Means Of Industrial Production.

Sprays, powders, and other means of industrial production. Easy to use, as cleaning does not have to make a lot of effort. It is only necessary to dilute the powder in water, apply a foamy mass to the contaminated area, leave for a while, and then wipe dry with a clean cloth. If the pollution is long-standing, deeply rub the ingrained stains with a brush. Of the minuses, one can name such a moment as not all products are hypoallergenic, and many of them cause a rash and redness on the skin.

Folk Remedies For Carpet Cleaning At Home

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did not always have enough money to buy expensive carpet-cleaning powders. Thanks to this, a lot of ways to clean carpets without physical and material investments have been invented. Simple methods allow you to return the floor coverings to their former attractiveness and do not harm the health of the owners. In addition, after cleaning with folk remedies, you can use the carpet immediately after cleaning it at home.

In the piggy bank of folk recipes, there are available products and materials. These are tea leaves, salt, soda, chalk, sawdust, sauerkraut juice, vinegar, glycerin, and ammonia.

Every housewife has these funds. They considered it as a budget option, but not all are equally good at dealing with stains of various kinds. In addition, after cleaning, it will take a long time to dry the carpet. Only a mixture of soda and vinegar, you can trust 100%. The only thing you need to pay attention to when cleaning carpets at home is that during the procedure you will have to make sure that there are no grains of soda between the pile of the coating.

Soda With Vinegar – Our Everything!

This is the most optimal way of all that to include it in the piggy bank of folk recipes. The most efficient, fastest, and cheapest option! The preparation of the mixture will not take much time, and the cleaning of the carpet will not take a lot of time. If you are not ready for this process, then the only way out of this situation is to give the carpet to a dry cleaner. But prepare yourself for the fact that you have to spend money because of the affected cost by the weight of the flooring plus the work itself and the use of chemicals. You also need to figure out how to deliver the carpet to the same dry cleaner, especially if you don’t have your transport.

If you are not ready to spend money on dry cleaning, it is recommendable to use the method of cleaning the carpet at home with baking soda and vinegar.

First Option

To prepare a cleaning solution, you will have to 0.5 tbsp. boiled water dissolve:

  • 4 tbsp. l. 9% vinegar;
  • 1 st. l. ordinary powder;
  • 1 st. l. soda.

You will also need a container for mixing the components and a rag with which you can wash the coating.

When you prepare the magic composition, you can begin the process of removing contaminants.

On a note!

Don’t worry when the mixture starts to bubble. A chemical reaction occurs in the solution: acid and alkali (vinegar and soda) interact.

As a result of the chemical reaction, heat is released, which has a positive effect on cleaning. Under the influence of temperature, the dirt dissolves and is faster cleaned from the entire surface of the floor covering: not only from the pile itself but also from the inside.

In order not to miss the moment of heat release, apply the prepared mixture immediately to the coating, without letting it stand. Since the reaction is very fast, it is desirable to carry out the mixture preparation process close to the carpet.

Apply the product to the surface with a cloth, and with light movements, lightly pressing, remove visible dirt. When cleaning, do not make special efforts. Even with the slightest rubbing, remove the stains instantly from the carpet.

Sometimes it happens that a one-time cleaning with soda and vinegar does not give a visible result. Everything happens only in cases where the stains are very old. Do not despair. It is necessary to repeat the procedure.

After cleaning, it is important to wait for the soda to dry completely and vacuum the carpet to remove the grains. It is noteworthy that cleaning in this way does not lead to wetting of the coating, which saves time for drying.

Take note!

If the carpet is clean and you just need to remove dust, it is recommendable to sprinkle soda on the surface of the carpet, and then walk over it with a vacuum cleaner. This method not only removes dust, but also minor pollution, and copes with an unpleasant odor.

Second Option

This method helps to cope with deeply ingrained pollution.

To clean the carpet, it is necessary to prepare a solution of vinegar and water, based on a ratio of 1: 4.

The prepared solution must be walked on the surface. Rub well. Since the carpet gets wet, it is recommendable to blot the excess moisture with a napkin and sprinkle soda on top. After a quarter of an hour, you can vacuum the coating.

Third option

With minor contamination, you can use only soda. For 5 liters of water, you will need 100 g of soda. After the powder has dissolved, must pour the mixture into a container and, using a fine spray gun, spray the solution over the carpet surface. You need to rub it in a little. After 15 minutes, you can pick up a vacuum cleaner.

These three methods are quite enough to get rid of dust, light dirt, and stubborn, old stains. In addition, a miracle remedy helps to get rid of unpleasant odors. Soda and vinegar are budget funds that every housewife has in the house. You do not have to spend money and time, which is especially important in our time.

Precautionary Measures For Carpet Cleaning At Home 

Simple ways to help keep carpets clean and fresh. But to avoid trouble while cleaning carpets, you must follow some recommendations.

  1. Before using the mixture on a carpet, it is recommendable to use it on an inconspicuous area to avoid “color fading”.
  2. To save the pile, use only warm water, in no case, not hot.
  3. Clean the carpets with hard brushes.
  4. Carry out cleaning movements only in the direction of the pile.

All the recommendations, given in the article help to restore the original appearance of the carpet. Folk remedies do not affect the pile, so the rugs will last a relatively long time.

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