How To Wash Windows After Repair

How To Wash Windows After Repair

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Usually, repairs begin with the installation of plastic windows. Therefore, they become dirty and covered with dust. After the repair completion, must restore the plastic windows to their original cleanliness by cleaning the profile well and wash the double-glazed windows after the repair to give them a perfect shine.

Profile and window cleaning works include the removal of protective tape, mounting foam residues, glue, and dust. Let’s consider each situation separately.

How To Remove The Protective Tape From A Window

In its instructions, the manufacturer of plastic windows warns that one must remove the protective film immediately after installing the window profile. Many people don’t follow this recommendation, assuming that it protects the frame from dirt. Removing the tape with logos after its installation is not difficult. But if this will not complete in time, then when closing the slopes, the film can get under the plaster. Then there are several ways to get rid of the tape.

  • Remove the tape with a special spatula. Carefully, without damaging the surface of the profile, peel off the film.
  • Turn on the hair dryer, heat the taped surface with it, and quickly remove it from the frame. To do this, you can use a regular hair dryer. It is necessary to carefully monitor that the film does not melt from the hot air and does not stick to the frame, since it will be impossible to remove it.
  • You can remove the tape with school plastic. This method is safe. It doesn’t leave scratches. True, this is a laborious procedure.

How To Clean Off Glue Residue

After the removal of the film, black spots of glue may remain on the profile. If the adhesive is not yet dry, you can easily remove it with a cloth dampened with soapy water. To remove dried adhesive residues, you will need a special tool “Cosmofen”, designed for metal-plastic windows. This tool is produced in different concentrations. For example, “Five” is a weak solution, and “Twenty” is highly concentrated. In order not to make the choice of funds, you need to consult with the seller, telling him about your problem.

If it is not possible to buy this product, then must dry the glue and heat it with a hairdryer, remove it with a plastic spatula, wipe it with acetone, and washed with detergents. When such methods are powerless and ineffective, it is necessary to polish with a drill or grinder, using felt wheels with GOI paste and acetone cleaners. Such processing removes a thin plastic layer from the profile along with the dried glue and gets rid of minor scratches.

How To Remove The Remnants Of Mounting Foam

It is difficult to clean the profile from the sealing gasket remaining on it, but it is possible as follows:

  • With a plastic spatula, carefully clean off the hardened sealant.
  • Apply a special profile cleaner to a piece of felt and treat the dirty spots.
  • Allow the foam to soften, then buff the frames with felt to completely remove any remaining sealant.
  • This work must be done with rubber gloves.

How To Remove Dust From A Profile

It is good to wash plastic frames of windows after repair with a solution of dish detergents or any other. Wash a heavily soiled profile well with liquid soap. It must first be applied to the frames, wait a few minutes, and then washed off with the dirt. After bringing the profile into perfect order and removing debris from all hard-to-reach places, you can start washing the double-glazed window that has become dirty aft.

Window Cleaning After Repair

No one can do better than a cleaning company with window cleaning after repair – you can save your time and nerves simply by ordering window cleaning. First of all, you need to wipe the glass with a dry cloth to clean it of dust. If stains of paint or other substances are found on the glass, they must be removed using a special glass scraper. These blades have thin blades and therefore it is impossible to scratch the glass with them.

What Should We Wash In The Windows After Repair

Washing a window after repair to a shine and without streaks with water alone is impossible or very difficult. There are other effective and less time-consuming ways to do this. Prepare a solution for washing frames from one glass of vinegar, a tablespoon of ammonia, or 50 grams of bleach per liter of water. Take a soft sponge, moisten it in the prepared solution, wash the double-glazed window, and then rub the glass well with a newspaper. For cleaning hard-to-reach places, it is good to use a special brush with a long handle. It is convenient to wash the glass of the windows after repair with such a brush. After it, there are no streaks left on the glass. The rubber spatula on it perfectly cleans dirt and water.

All kinds of active chemical compounds are very dangerous for white plastic. Therefore, must clean the window frames with solvents or acidic liquids. Such connections can spoil the profile. This prohibition also applies to household detergents. After that wash, the plastic and wooden profiles were with water and laundry soap, and wiped the well with a cloth made of natural fabric.

How To Make Glass Perfectly Clean

Today it is not difficult to perfectly clean the glass. To do this, they sell a lot of various sprays and napkins. Before treating the glass with a special agent, Firstly wipe it with a wet cloth to remove dirt. After that, apply a special agent to the glass with a spray gun, then wipe the glass well with a dry cloth. The result is a transparent window surface that pleases the eye.

For washing large windows, they sell special devices “screed scraper”. Their assortment is so diverse that anyone can choose the right size for themselves, both in length and width. Attach a hard rubber to one side of the scraper, and a sponge to the other. Then wash the glass with a sponge soaked in the solution, and the water is cleaned with hard rubber along with the remaining dirt. Wash the window from top to bottom with horizontal movements.

Folk Tips To Clean The Window Glass

To clean the glass, you can resort to simple folk tips. For example, diluted 1 to 4 vinegar essences are well suitable for washing glass. Apply the solution to the glass, and wipe it with a dry cloth or paper after a couple of minutes. You can prepare a solution with ammonia. Add a tablespoon of ammonia to 250 ml of water, then spray or moisten the glass with a rag, then wiped it dry. A spoonful of starch in a liter of water is also a good help in cleaning glass.

Now clean the profile, and wash the glass perfectly. Put the remains in it in order window sills. If it is wooden, then wash it with soapy water. You can wash the plastic window sill with special cleaners. For the white color of the window sill to acquire its original color, one can wipe it out with a special tool, such as Domestos. For the apartment to have more sunlight, the glass must always be clean and dust-free. Glycerin and ammonia will help keep cleanliness for a long time and protect it from dust. Make a mixture and apply it to the glass.

Safety Measures While Washing Windows After Repair

When cleaning after window installation, one must keep in mind some safety measures:

  1. Do not allow chemicals to come into contact with exposed areas of the body. Otherwise, severe burns may result.
  2. Protect rubber seals from harmful substances. This will ruin the rubber and break its impermeability. Sometimes this can lead to a complete replacement of the profile since in some of their types the sealing rubbers are soldered inside and cannot be replaced.
  3. Use special products to remove lime-cement stains. Removing them mechanically can damage the surface of the frames.
  4. Be aware of the different concentrations of simple solvents and choose the safest ones so as not to damage the surface of the profile.
  5. By observing all the precautions for the product and yourself, you can perfectly wash plastic windows after a repair which will delight you with their cleanliness.

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