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How To Clean Windows From The Outside

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Window washing is divided into the following stages: washing the window frame, washing the fittings, then glass, and lastly window sills and sills. So, following these stages, you can easily clean your windows from the outside. First, you need to wash the frame, that is, the outside, then the inside. It is necessary to clean window mechanisms.

If the frame is wooden, then it is necessary to remove the glass from it, rinse and insert it back. We can easily remove the plastic frames and wash them along with inserting them back into their place. The most difficult thing will be with high windows. To wash them, housewives often turn to us.

The most important thing when washing windows is safety. There is no need to risk your life and climb out of the window to wash the furthest corners. You can purchase or rent the necessary specialized equipment that will create comfortable and safe conditions for washing windows.

Things We Need To Wash The Windows

  • Sponges without hard surfaces;
  • Small buckets or basins in one will need to dilute the detergent, and in the other, there will be ordinary water for rinsing rags and sponges;
  • A  mop with a brush, which we will discuss below;
  • A magnetic brush (perhaps the best option) that makes it possible to wash windows on both sides at once;
  • Microfiber cloths for glasses; stepladder if the work is planned at height;
  • Scraper with a rubber nozzle for removal of especially difficult pollution.
  • Never use knives or blades to remove old dirt or paint, as this can scratch the glass very badly.

What Detergents And Tools Are Needed

Regarding cleaning products, please pay attention and never use products that contain abrasive, and never use alcohol or gasoline, acids, and alkalis.

There are a wide variety of window cleaners available today. They are available in the form of sprays or pasty emulsions, the recipe already contains alcohol in the right proportion, which is safe for our windows. You can make the detergent composition yourself, for example, use a regular soap solution or a solution of ammonia.

To remove ice from the window in winter, you don’t need to scrape or pour hot water on the window, but you just need to dissolve table salt in water and slowly pour this water over ice, which will immediately begin to melt and after everything has melted, you need to wipe this place with a dry cloth. There is no need to use windshield wipers until warm weather arrives.

Not everyone likes to use artificial detergents due to distrust of them or allergies, so you can make it yourself. Add a concentrated solution of soap and a tablespoon of ammonia to a liter of water. This mixture does an excellent job of cleaning the structure of the window from the inside as well as the outside.

You can also wash the window frame with ready-made plastic compositions or with water with the addition of a suitable cleaning solution.

Apply a product containing alcohol to the glass, this allows you to perfectly clean its surface. Microfiber-based fabric perfectly absorbs excess water and dirt.

Equipment To Be Used To Clean The Windows

For independent work with windows, you will need special equipment:

Telescopic Mop-Brush

The double-sided mop has a rubber nozzle with a scraper and a sponge with a soft structure. Adjusting the length of the mop makes it possible to wash the window package in two planes. Dip the sponge in a washing liquid, which removes the main dirt. Repeat the procedure until the structure will clean the windows completely from the outside. Remove the excess liquid, after which clean the window package and rubbed with a finishing dry cotton cloth to give the glass a shiny surface.

Magnetic Brush

To clean windows from the outside, you can use a unique magnetic brush, which has two soft sponges that you can hold together by a magnet. Having placed one sponge inside the window, the other behind it, it remains just to direct the movement of the brush, which allows you to clean the window from both sides at once. The tension of the fasteners must be strong, otherwise, it will not be possible to thoroughly wash the glass.

Do not forget to clean the fittings and all the mechanisms of the plastic window, then wipe everything with a damp cloth, leave it to dry and, if necessary, lubricate and adjust.

Washing Double-Glazed Windows At Height

Washing windows that are high is very risky and time-consuming climbers should take part in this process. We strongly advise against doing this work yourself. We have professionals on staff who perform these works efficiently and most importantly safely.

If we are talking about continuous glazed, then no one can cope with such tasks except climbers.

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