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At least once a year in each room you need to do a general cleaning, during which all rubbish will be removed, all “hidden” corners will be cleaned, and all things will be put in the correct order. It does not matter at all what kind of premises we are talking about: an apartment, a private house. office, trading floor, and production workshop.

Order must be maintained every day, but once or twice a year, you still have to arrange a “grand wash”. Everyone knows that after it there will be no strength left for anything. However, we have completely different information. We know exactly how to do spring cleaning efficiently, quickly and at the same time not feel “squeezed out like a lemon”.

General Cleaning Rules

There are a few simple rules, adhering to which the general cleaning in Kyiv will not cause a nervous tick.

Rule One – So, the first rule is to clean the room regularly. Then the general cleaning will be much easier.

Rule two – Do not waste time. Cleaning “from floor to ceiling” should be done at least once or twice a year. This is the optimal schedule. If you arrange it once every five years, then it is pretty understandable why you have to spend so much time and effort on it.

Rule three – make a plan. If you have it, then you will not rush to one, then to the second case, but will act clearly and without unnecessary hassle.

You need a plan…

How To Plan General Cleaning

The points of the plan that we will offer you are quite clear and simple:

Tune In 

Remember that general cleaning is simply necessary and should never be postponed.

Theater Begins With A Hanger And Cleaning 

The hallway. It’s about the apartment. If you have to clean the office, trading floor, etc., then, first of all, they begin to clean at the entrance.

Start With Windows

Day X is here, and it’s time to take on the cleaning supplies. First, wash and wipe the windows, and remove and send the curtains to the laundry.

From Top To Bottom 

You need to start cleaning the room from the top. Sweep with a broom or wash the ceilings. We advise during this procedure to cover with something, especially valuable items, for example, equipment that does not like the extra portion of dust flying from the ceiling at all.

Wardrobes And Lockers 

Tidy up the cabinets hanging on the walls. Wipe them inside and out, after removing everything from the shelves. It is also advisable to remove the shelves themselves to make it easier to wash.

Rubbish To The Landfill 

When you have pulled everything out of the cabinets, see what you do not need from all of this and ruthlessly send it to the trash.


It is advisable to immediately send them to dry cleaning. But if you want to do everything yourself, then the carpets must first be vacuumed well, then taken outside and carefully beat the dust out of them, and then treated with special products for carpet products (you can always read the instructions for use on the label).

Cushioned Furniture

With furniture, you have to tinker. Choose products that are suitable for cleaning the upholstery material (preferably without chlorine), do not over-moisten, and use special brushes. You can also immediately check the furniture for performance. If necessary, repair or replace worn parts, and tighten bolts and hinges.

The main thing in general cleaning is the result, cleanliness, and freshness in the room. Of course, you have to spend quite a lot of time and effort, but it’s worth it. However, there is another option – to call the masters of cleaning and cleaning. Then you do not have to spend your own “resources”, you will only enjoy the result.

Where To Find Specialist Cleaners

Comfort House offers you the services of its specialists who have all the necessary knowledge and skills to put any room in order. The use of professional “chemistry” and special equipment makes it possible to perform cleaning much faster and better.

General cleaning will cease to be your nightmare when you sign a cleaning service agreement with our company. To get advice on cleaning or order professional cleaning services.

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