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The windows of your office are the face of your company. A client who comes to you for the first time will immediately pay attention to the cleaning of the windows in the office. If they are clean, he gets a “signal” that you care about your customers. And provides them with a high level of service.

That is why you should pay attention to the issue of washing windows. And trust this responsible business only to those who know it well. That is how to make office windows clean quickly, efficiently, and for a long time.

Professional Cleaners Cleaning The Windows In The Office

One of the main services of cleaning companies is window washing. It is especially in demand by owners of multi-story office buildings with large windows, who need regular cleaning of office space. Professional cleaners not only know how to clean windows. But also know all the safety rules for working at height and strictly follow them.

The use of scaffolding and special equipment for industrial alpinism allows you to thoroughly wash the windows of any area, regardless of the number of stories of the building.

But the benefits don’t end there. Professional cleaners have in their arsenal a variety of brushes, scrapers, fur coats, and holders for them, special window cleaners with telescopic handles, telescopic hoses with an automatic hot water supply, and many other devices that clean the window from any dirt.

Is your office located in an industrial area with high levels of air pollution? Its windows will always be perfectly clean if you ask for help from experienced cleaning company employees. Depending on the degree of contamination of the glass surface, a company can select special window cleaning chemicals. Like Unger, SOLCLEAN, AQUALON, and others that do not leave stains drops, and stains on the glass, remove minor scratches, restoring their shine and original cleanliness.

Cleaners do not bypass attention to such details as fittings, slope drains, and handles, which one can easily forget (for some unknown reason) regular cleaners. Outside and inside, your windows will be perfectly clean, confirming the status and image of your company with their appearance.

Speed, Volume, and Price

An important advantage of the decision to invite experienced cleaners is the fact that they do their work not only with high quality but also as quickly as possible. You don’t have to watch four windows being washed for a week with varying degrees of success. The work will be done as quickly as possible. Moreover, all the terms and scope of work can be discussed in advance with the manager who will be attached to your facility.

It is worth immediately clarifying the question of the cost of services. The price will depend on the degree of contamination of the windows, on their number, on the deadlines (you will have to pay a little extra for urgent work), and on other requirements. Voice everything that interests you at once to get the result you are counting on, including additional services:

  • washing of facades;
  • cleaning of solar panels;
  • removal of old stains (if any);
  • cleaning doorways.
  • Order professional window cleaning from Hala Cleaner, and make your office presentable not only inside, but also outside!

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