Five reasons to break up with a housekeeper

Five reasons to break up with a housekeeper

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Having hired a housekeeper, in addition to the long-awaited help, we often also receive a bunch of various unwanted “bonuses”. Fatigue after a working day and caring for children sometimes make it difficult to quickly figure out what is more from a new person in the house: harm or benefit? The main criterion is simple – with the advent of a housekeeper, problems should become noticeably less. If everything is exactly the opposite, it is better to look for another person. We have collected five main reasons to think on the basis of which you can break up with your housekeeper, is it time to find a worthy replacement?

First Reason

Sometimes we didn’t feel satisfied with how the housekeeper performs certain assignments. You either make comments to her, but she does not seem to hear you. Or, in response to criticism, he nods and promises to do everything right next time. Sometimes they will repeat their mistakes with enviable constancy.

Second Reason

The housekeeper is arguing with you. She is confident in her rightness and does not get tired of defending her point of view (and she has one for literally everything: how to properly make a herring under a fur coat, wash children’s things, etc.). Ideally, this point needs to be clarified at the interview – she should follow your instructions with high quality. And not be guided by the principles: “I wanted the best”, “this is faster” and “I did it with the previous owners”.

Third Reason

The housekeeper begins to tell you in detail about her problems, constantly asking you to enter into her position (give an advance, let go on a spontaneous vacation, get a job or let someone from her relatives or friends spend the night). Of course, no one canceled mercy and love for others. But if you respond to all such requests, the number of problems will grow, and you risk becoming a victim of a manipulator. After all, you hired her to help you, not the other way around.

Fourth Reason

The housekeeper loves to talk. In itself, this quality can be valuable, but since you are not hiring a radio host, but an au pair, talkativeness should be considered more as a disadvantage. She can easily discuss household details outside the walls of your house that you would not want to share with anyone.

Fifth Reason

There are too many of her. The housekeeper at first was modest and silent, but, having settled into the workplace, she became bright, noisy, and too noticeable. If there are other au pairs in the house, she constantly sorts things out with them. When guests come to you, she strives to intervene in a conversation. All the time trying to attract attention to herself, to become the soul of the company.

Advice From Us

It is useless to educate adults. Don’t be afraid to break up with people who aren’t right for you. It is one thing to generously forgive an accidentally broken vase or improperly cooked pasta. And quite another to constantly endure the presence of a “not your own” person in the house. Keep searching, you will find “your” assistant, with whom it will be easy to find a common language and who will take on some of the problems, and will not add your own.

So, these are the five reasons by which you know at what time you have to break with a housekeeper.

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