Cleaning the barbecue: 4 simple and short tips

Cleaning the barbecue: 4 simple and short tips

Having a barbecue in the backyard is fun but getting rid of the stains on the clothes came from it. Here we’ll tell you about cleaning the barbeque 4 simple and short tips to clean the stains.

1. White vinegar

A very valid ally for cleaning your barbecue is certainly white vinegar. Pour 500 ml of white vinegar and the same amount of water into a container equipped with a handy spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the affected area, leaving it to act for about 10 minutes. Rub everything vigorously with a cloth and enjoy a clean and ready-to-use grill!

2. Baking soda

Another perfect remedy for a clean barbecue is baking soda, an odorless natural ingredient, but with great benefits that can be used to clean anything. And that’s why we here at Helping love it so much as a chore ingredient! Sprinkle the barbecue with baking soda and pour some water over it. Finally, rub the grill with a scouring pad until it shines again!

3. Beer

Would you believe us if we told you that the ice-cold beer that is loved so much on a sunny day can be transformed into a valid aid for cleaning the grill of your barbecue? Well yes, try to believe it! Pour half a bottle of beer on your barbecue and scrub the surface with a wire brush or alternatively with newspaper. The result? A shiny grill!

4. Onion

Onions are also part of those extremely effective natural ingredients for cleaning the barbecue. Cut an onion in half and attach it to a fork, rubbing it vigorously on the hot grill. In fact, the water from the onion will help loosen cooking dirt and `grease, making it easier to clean the grill. NB: excellent remedy also to remove those completely charred foods!

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