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Carpet is one of the most common, comfortable, and elegant coverings for a floor. If on the one hand, people are using carpets in commercial spaces since it is a considerably excellent insulator, on the other, it represents an ideal den for dust, germs, and bacteria. For this reason, constant cleaning and washing of the carpet are necessary to prevent the growth of mites. And the possible fermentation of organic residues and unpleasant odors.

If your office carpet has suffered stains from drinks, food, etc., we suggest that you avoid keeping the soiling situation for days and, instead, treat it as soon as possible. The passage of time, the effects of sunlight, the passage of shoes, and other stains that can fall on the weave, can greatly complicate the cleaning and washing of the carpet.

In general, it is necessary to take into account that, especially in commercial spaces, carpets by nature can become filled with dirt, dust, or mites if the minimum maintenance services are not performing up to the mark.

Therefore,  office carpet cleaning and washing service are very important to prolong the life of the carpets and make them look new over the years. The carpet cleaning service in offices is delicate and requires experience and preparation, which is why when choosing who carries out the service. You need to be very careful and know the type of treatment that will be reserved for the carpet. Below we will see which techniques people will use most commonly in cleaning office carpets.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Techniques

  • Brushing the carpet to keep the texture and bristles in perfect condition.
  • Suction to remove surface impurities.
  • Stain treatment with specialized products based on the stain in question.
  • Hand cleaning, where cold water using by cleaners to preserve materials.
  • Do the drying manually with absorbent materials such as paper to maintain the hygiene of the carpet or mechanically.
  • Mechanical ventilation maintains the appropriate temperatures in each type of material.
  • Dry cleaning by removing the deepest dirt, which predisposes to the development of harmful microorganisms such as moths.
  • Preventive treatment for moths.

By taking into account all these processes, the long life of carpets that complement office furnishings can proceed. To promote their life, the manufacturers recommend washing the carpets at least once a year or according to the frequency of passage.

Why Is It Important To Clean Office Carpet

Carpets have become an essential decorative element, bringing color, warmth, and comfort to spaces. In addition, they are useful for noise reduction, which makes them popular in offices, restaurants, and buildings, where the noise of people’s constant footsteps will sort to eliminate.

However, carpets are made of textile fibers, so they tend to accumulate dust and bacteria, even more so in winter, when people bring wet dirt onto their shoes and end up making the carpet dirtier. For this reason, they need care.

There are 2 main types of carpets; carpets which are fixed carpets welded to the floor with some type of glue that covers the entire surface. And removable ones, which are the carpets that are usually placed in the entrances. Where to insert the entrances just decided and how to consider the question of the temporary reinsertion of sanitary material? we do not know where it is inserted. Or how

When it comes to cleaning and laundering carpets for commercial use. One should bear in mind that depending on the material,  professional carpet cleaning will require, fine fabrics. Such as Persian, Belgian, or Chinese carpets and even hand-woven wool one cannot wash it in the washing machine. In these cases, you need a  professional carpet cleaning service to do the job thoroughly.

Only a deep wash will remove allergens and bacteria, improving air quality.

Which Service To Choose

As we said before, stubborn dirt accumulates on textile surfaces, but mites, bacteria, and even heavy metals also hide. Also, whether it’s the environment, wet shoes, or air-conditioned environments, our carpets will tend to accumulate moisture. And this humidity will lead to the generation of mold and bad smells. So a deep cleaning of the carpet is essential which includes disinfectant and the use of high-temperature steam which will help eliminate these microorganisms. And, thanks to the action of professional machinery, will suck the humidity at the end of the process.

Any chemicals or toxins released into the air can stick to the fibers and this causes carpets to spoil the air or even make us sick. This is why it is essential to disinfect them professionally and choose the treatment based on the environment in which it is located.

Our professional company offers treatments for:

  • Sanitation 
  • Anti-mite (eliminates and keeps away dust mites)
  • Anti-stain removal of stubborn stains and dirt (eliminates stubborn stains and dirt)
  • Anti-mold and antibacterial (eliminates mold and odors)
  • Odor control (eliminates and prevents odors)
  • Pet odor control (elimination of organic and inorganic odors)
  • Dry cleaning (suitable for flat and silk carpets)

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