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Marble floors are to be considered real works of art, as they define the structures on which it is used with value and good taste. In environments such as offices, the floor is one of the most visible parts. So proper cleaning and maintenance of marble floors are essential to avoid the effects of wear and tear, which can have an impact on the projected corporate image. Indeed, if you don’t carry out proper maintenance, these types of flooring tend to lose their shine and offer an image of abandonment.

Tips For Cleaning Marble Floors In The Office

Marble is a stone of calcareous origin, the main component of which is crystallized vitreous calcium carbonate, which in many cases contains impurities that produce characteristic streaks.

Due to its hardness and aesthetic value, this material has been used since ancient times. It is fulfilling the same role it has today in interior decoration, wall and floor cladding, as well as for use in the manufacture of worktops and ornamental objects.

Although it is a long-lasting material, it needs some precautions to keep it in good condition.

Treat The Surfaces As If They Were Delicate Materials

Marble floors are floors made of natural stone, sensitive to some products such as bleach which can make them lose their natural shine or deteriorate. Therefore, it is necessary to use specific products that clean and protect the floor.

Frequent Cleaning

Marble floors have a porous surface, so it is advisable to clean the floor as soon as possible and frequently enough to avoid permanent stains.

Rely On Experts

In the face of persistent stains on the floor, it is better to rely on a specialized company that knows which products to apply and how to carry out correct maintenance. On some occasions, polishing the floor is necessary, which cannot be done without the appropriate machinery and experienced personnel. In fact, before proceeding with the polishing of marble floors, it will be necessary to remove and eliminate all the stains, since using the polisher. The waxes will seal the pores that absorb the stains, remaining doubly incorporated as part of the material, deteriorating the original colors more definitively.

Step By Step Cleaning Of Marble Floors

Clean Stains On The Marble Floors

Clean the recent stains easily with a damp sponge or cloth with a little mild soap. Then rinse to remove soap residue and dry the area. You can also mop if the stain is on the floor.

Cleaning Of Stubborn Stains On Marble Floors

If the stains are more resistant. Prepare a paste with diatomaceous earth with a few drops of ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide, and apply it to the stain with a clean cloth. Cover the slurry spread over the stain with plastic, making a hole for ventilation, and secure it to the ground with duct tape. Let the compound dry completely. When the product is completely dry, remove it with a damp cloth, rinse and dry. Repeat the operation up to three times if the stain is very persistent.

Once we have completely cleaned the surface, we will move on to the next step.

Mechanical Polishing Of Marble

It is the most effective, fastest, and most comfortable way to obtain a uniform and intense shine on our marble, granite, and terrazzo floors.

Carry out the treatment with this system normally by specialized operators of cleaning companies. Since machinery with specific accessories, knowledge of their use, and there is a more specific requirement of products in each cleaning and polishing phase.

To polish the marble to obtain a great shine. Rotary machines are the best option since they intervene in all phases:

  • Stain
  • Pickling
  • Polishing
  • Crystallization

The single brush machines are equipped with a rotating plate. It has interchangeable supports for steel wool, wool, or fiber discs and circular nylon brushes. Also a tank for the use of liquid products such as waxes, sealants, and self-polishing and non-slip crystallizing products. You can perform the polishing of the marble with professional single-brush machines.

Polished Marble Floor Without Protection Or Shine

When the marble floor has almost completely lost its protective layer and its shine. Due to intense traffic and the passage of time, it will be necessary to proceed with paint stripping with a rotary machine. It acts by applying a liquid paint stripper. The function is to open pores and cleanse, preparing the surface for the next step.

Polished Marble Floor In Good Condition

If the floor is in better condition, you can go directly to the use of the liquid crystallizer and not very thick steel wool, and pass it until the desired finish.

The crystallization or polishing technique with rotary machines allows us to obtain a glossy, natural, and durable finish. In the crystallization and sealing process, a thermal process is produced by friction. And a chemical reaction through the use of the crystallizing liquid will keep our marble floor its shine longer while offering greater resistance to daily wear and tear.

Waxing For Marble Floors

The last professional procedure for polishing marble floors is waxing. The waxing process consists of applying products with waxes and polymers to the surface to seal the pores and obtain a glossy and natural finish.

Tips For Keeping Marble Floors In Good Condition

To finish our post, here are some tips to keep your worktops or marble floors impeccable:

  • Use protectors to prevent stains and wear on any marble surface.
  • Use coasters on the table,
  • Always cut on a cutting board if your kitchen countertop is marble
  • Cover the passage with carpets if you want to keep the floor in good condition.
  • Pay attention to the heat. Never leave containers such as hot pans, or for example, the turned-on hair straightener, on a marble top.
  • Damp Stains: Use dishes under pans to avoid damp spots.
  • Clean stains as soon as possible. Clean up spilled liquid as soon as possible, and also water. As it contains scale in a greater or lesser proportion depending on its quality, which will eventually leave stains and deteriorate the shine.
  • If your marble floor has lost its shine and has an unclean and shiny appearance. We advise you to rely on a professional cleaning company, that will be able to polish the marble effectively. They will use the most suitable procedures to restore your floor to its original appearance.
  • Do not use spray cleaners or descalers to clean marble. As they deteriorate their appearance since their composition contains chemical products that penetrate the stone and stain it. Then gradually making its initial shine disappear.


The marble surface breaks down easily when exposed to moisture or acidic humidity. But is durable in dry environments and protected from constant water and rain. In common use, some people often confuse walls and floors with marble. Thus generically calling other natural stones with a similar texture that resist polishing well, even if their composition does not contain calcite. Before polishing marble, it is, therefore, necessary to understand whether it is precisely this material. Since on many occasions, its appearance is confused with that of other non-compact stones of calcium composition. Like travertine, which is cheaper than presenting pores and holes, and one can treat it with a transparent resin primer, which fills the cracks before polishing.

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