Summer Cleaning

Summer Cleaning: What To Clean With The Arrival Of Summer

As we know summers are coming, and along with it the work of cleaning will increase. Cleaning before summer is hectic. All the blankets and heavy clothing have to be cleaned before keeping them in beds. Before summer, we have to be prepared with all the cleaning equipment and also remove all the dirt under the rugs. In this article,

Veranda and balcony

Not to overlook is the cleaning of your veranda and balcony. First, remove all vases and objects on the floor and start with buckets of water to get the first big layer of dirt off. Continue with a second cleaning by adding floor cleaner or alternatively ammonia to the water, brushing everything very firmly. Finally, rinse and leave to dry. This way you will have an ideal place to spend a nice summer evening with your loved ones or friends. Of course, the railings should not overlook either, most neglected from our sight, but where a lot of dirt often accumulates. N:B: pay attention to the material (iron, marble, or wood), because each of them requires a specific treatment!

Rugs and blankets

With the arrival of summer, some of the objects that have accompanied us throughout the previous period turn out to be superfluous. We are talking not only about blankets (which in any case must wash at a temperature no higher than 30°C). But also about carpets, excluding those made of canvas or rope. For complete cleaning of the carpet. Turn it over and vacuum the back, in order to remove all the dirt that lurks under it. Then turn it over and sprinkle it with baking soda, paying attention to distributing it over the entire surface. Let this natural product act for as long as possible and then remove it with a vacuum cleaner. The result? A clean and fragrant carpet, ready to fold and stored until next autumn!


Against the heat and sultriness, there is no better ally than the air conditioner. Be careful, however, to turn it on after a year of absolute inactivity. In fact, not cleaning the air conditioner filters involves serious risks to your health. Such as breathing in all the dust and bacteria of all kinds that have accumulated inside it during the previous seasons! First, remove the filters. At this point, if you have a compressor at home, use its air jet to remove all the dirt. Alternatively, you can also use the jet of water from your shower. Let them dry well and after reassembling them enjoy the fresh and (above all) clean air from your air conditioner!

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