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Cleaning after Renovation is very difficult as in busy times most people are not that free to clean up the mess. So for this, there are professionals who provide cleaning services after renovation. And you don’t have to take any kind of stress they will totally take care of it.

When To Rely On Professional Services 

Almost anyone who has started a relatively serious repair knows how much debris, dust, and dirt builds up during the process and for several months after it will complete. Sometimes even after several cleanings, dust still abundantly settles. And the specific smells of building materials can linger in the interior for years. 

Also, very often, one of the most difficult tasks in the post-renovation process is the proper disposal of construction debris. This is one of the typical examples of when specialized organizations can come to the rescue, removing all garbage from the premises in a matter of hours.  

Most modern building materials are safe for humans, however, during their installation and processing. A significant amount of fine dust can form, which can react with other compounds. This often leads to unidentified allergic reactions, an unpleasant smell after repairs, and, in particularly difficult cases, serious health problems.  For this reason, in many cases, it becomes essential to rely on a professional company for cleaning the apartment after the renovation. 

In this way what is invisible to the human eye, can remove by treatment with special compounds that neutralize most chemical compounds. The equipment and reagents for this treatment are not cheap at all. Therefore there is a need for professionals with the correct technical and professional training.  

What Does the Cleaning of Apartments after Renovation Include

An after-work cleaning service usually includes: 

  • Roughing out of all premises
  • Thorough cleaning of all fixtures
  • Removal of stains and crusts professional substances
  • Dusting and polishing of the furnishings
  • “Turnkey” return of the shining apartment

Cleaners are capable of almost any type of job. And in any case, the list of tasks always depends on the goals set. 

Post-renovation cleaning includes a thorough cleaning of all surfaces from dust, dirt, traces of finishing materials and glue, washing and polishing of glass and mirrors, and polishing of tiles.

In this phase, the room can also be disinfected, sanitized, and treated with decontaminating compounds which eliminate the residual toxicity of some materials. 

During construction or turnkey repair, extend the range of services to washing or dyeing fabrics. And upholstered furniture and cleaned the internal surfaces of cabinets and mezzanines. The involvement of specialists with a full arsenal of all types of cleaners eliminates damage to coatings and materials and ensures the highest quality cleaning. 

Times, Costs, And Quality Of Work 

Usually, cleaning services after renovation, even a complex one, does not require more than a few days of work. The specific fulfillment time depends on several factors, including:

  • Area  to be treated
  • Presence of furniture blocking the passage
  • Availability of water supply.
  • Coating uniformity.

All services performed are based on a previously concluded contract, the terms of which must be as transparent as possible. In this case, the cleaning company assumes all responsibility for damage to the property. The list of tasks is also compiled as clearly as possible. So that on its basis it is possible to quickly carry out the acceptance of work according to an unambiguous checklist. Professional companies coordinate cleaning at a convenient time for the client and always adjust to the required schedule. 

It should be notable that it must ensure that the personnel of these companies have the best training and specialization also in matters of occupational safety.

Cleaning In Daily Life 

In some cases, cleaning specialists are subsequently also involved in the daily cleaning. Like cleaning treated residential and office premises after renovation. This may be required by the active pace of life of the owners. Or the presence of expensive finishing materials, furniture, and upholstery that require gentle cleaning. 

In big cities, daily cleaning services or one-off general cleaning after renovation are in high demand. In this way, homeowners can fully concentrate on work or leisure and make sure that the house is always completely clean. 

Cleaning villas and apartments often include taking care of flowers or an aquarium, washing and ironing clothes, and curtains, washing dishes, dry cleaning carpets, wet cleaning floors, wiping dust off furniture, windowsills, niches, and shelves, washing and polishing glass and mirrors, etc…

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