Clean Rough Or Smooth Outdoor Flooring

How To Clean Rough Or Smooth Outdoor Flooring

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To clean rough or smooth outdoor flooring should take care of differently. As there are different methods that you can easily use to clean the flooring differently. Rough flooring can take time but smooth flooring is comparatively easy to clean. Below we have mentioned all the steps to clean rough or smooth outdoor flooring one by one.

Tools Needed To Clean Outdoor Floors

Items needed to clean your terrazzo tiles:

  • A broom/brush to sweep the entire surface before cleaning.
  • A hose with which to rinse the floor before and after cleaning (although the ideal is to have a professional steam cleaner) and a plastic bucket (or basin).
  • Specific product for cleaning courtyards and exteriors. Choose a product based on the material of your floor and read the instructions on the container carefully before using it. Try not to save too much when choosing your cleaning product. A wrong decision could lead to a deterioration in the color of the floor tiles.
  • A brush with stiff bristles to thoroughly clean the most stubborn dirt.

To make your terrazzo tiles flawless:

  • Remove all items that interfere with cleaning (especially the more delicate ones)
  • Mix your chosen cleaning product in the bucket with warm water
  • Sweep the surface with the broom
  • Hose all the soil out until it’s soaked well but not stagnant
  • Scrub the patio with the brush together with the solution of water and product that you have prepared
  • Leave the mixture to act for a few minutes
  • Clean the entire floor surface with a strong jet of water
  • Finally let it dry

How To Clean A Smooth Outdoor Floor

If the type of material on the outside was smooth, then you shouldn’t worry, as this material cleans easily. However, it will be important to emphasize cleanliness between the joints of the floor, as this is where dirt accumulates.

To proceed with cleaning, it will be necessary to prepare a detergent mixture, using neutral ph soap and a little hot water. Dip a soft bristle brush into the solution to scrub the entire surface. After that, remove the excesses, both liquid and wet. If you apply these tricks regularly, you will have your smooth ceramic floor in top condition for much longer.

How To Clean A Rough Outdoor Floor

To clean rough outdoor floors and get excellent results, you need to have professional tools and products. The tools are very useful for carrying out deep cleaning and the products must also be chosen based on the material of the rough outdoor floor, which can be marble, stone, stoneware, concrete, and much more. Once you have chosen the right cleaner for the floor material, pour plenty of water on the surface to remove most of the dirt. Then move on to the actual cleaning of the floor with a specific cleaner for rough and porous floors.

If the rough external floor is stained, it is necessary to intervene correctly, applying a specific substance for porous floors, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Wait a few minutes and rinse the surface with cold water.

How To Clean Grout

To clean grout effectively you will need toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Apply the toothpaste to your toothbrush, then scrub the joints vigorously. If the dirt is persistent, let the toothpaste sit overnight. After performing this step, rinse the surface and scrub the floor again.

Remove Paint Stains

Paint stains are quite common and difficult to remove. You can apply a specific solvent for this substance, and your floor will be like new again.

Remove Drink Stains

Make a cleaning mix using warm water and pH-neutral soap. Dampen a soft cloth and rub the surface in circular motions until the dirt is completely removed. You can also use bleach, ammonia, or rubbing alcohol, but never mix them.

Coffee And Juice Stains

Prepare a mixture of rubbing alcohol and warm water to rub into the affected area. If the stain persists, rinse the surface with hydrogen peroxide. Of course, this trick is only effective for light-colored ceramics, as hydrogen peroxide damages the dark color.

If the stain is old, scrub the surface with white vinegar mixed with equal parts of rubbing alcohol. Where these methods do not work, a specific product will need to be used.

How To Clean Oil-Stained Floor

In these cases, it is advisable to carry out immediate cleaning with water and soap with a neutral pH. Keep in mind that water is incompatible with oil, so you’ll need to use extra caution. We recommend using absorbent products, such as sugar or salt, that you find in the kitchen.

Pour a considerable amount of these substances on a cloth, then place it on the affected area. Wait a few minutes until the stain has turned into a paste. Then remove the remains with a clean cloth, so that nothing remains on the stain.

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