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How To Clean A Brick Facade

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The facade is the main distinctive element of the house and represents a real business card. For this reason, it is always advisable to devote particular care and attention to its maintenance, intervening as soon as the first signs of deterioration due to bad weather or neglect appear. To keep the beauty of the brick facades unaltered, it is therefore essential to keep them very clean, so that dirt does not damage them, producing an aged appearance. Many forms of dirt can be deposited on this type of material, therefore, to know how to clean a brick facade, it is also good to know what are the probable causes of the deterioration of our external walls. This way, the task will be easier and we will get better results.

Why Does The Exterior Brick Get Dirty

Whether it is a facade, patio, corridor, or any structure decorated with brick and exposed to the open air, you run the risk of having to deal with dirt and deterioration of the element over time.

Bricks are a material frequently used in outdoor spaces due to their beauty and decorative resistance. But no matter how well we take care of them, over the years, whitish spots may begin to appear on these surfaces, caused by moisture or accumulated dirt.

The trick to keeping brick walls looking like the first time is to wash them consistently. Although it may seem like a complicated task, it is the best way to take care of the appearance of our spaces and avoid the accumulation of pathogens. The same happens with stone facades and other materials which, however rustic they may seem, need regular maintenance.

What To Consider When Washing Brick Walls

Just as there are different causes, there are also different cleaning methods you can apply. The first thing you should know is that maintenance, if the situation is not serious, is quite simple and you can do it yourself. If the situation is serious, or if the facade is very large or multi-story, the best thing will be to hire a cleaning company that deals with a larger area and complies with all current regulations.

On the other hand, one way to clean bricks without too much effort can also be to paint them. This is especially true for light bricks, as they are generally more difficult to keep completely clean. If the solution you are looking for is not painting, we will explain below how to clean brick facades, simply and effectively.

Steps To Clean Brick Facade

First of all, you should have some tools and materials on hand that will help you with this task; you’ll need water first, so if you have a pressure washer at your disposal it might be much easier to clean up. If you don’t have such a machine at your disposal, don’t despair! You can use a brush, soap and some descaler dissolved in water.

This mixture will be enough to be able to get rid of dirt on a brick wall. If you intend to work with these materials, you’ll want to wear gloves to avoid burns in the process. The recommended mix is ​​particularly effective on mold. If you need to remove old paint stains, it’s best to get a paint remover. Once you have all the materials you think you need at your disposal, it’s time to start the cleaning process.

Step 1: Sweep The Surface

The first step in cleaning brick facades is brushing the surface with a broom. In this way, you will know what remains attached to the facade and you will be able to understand if it is just dust or accumulated dirt. With a sweep, you can also remove insect remains that are on the wall. We recommend that you perform this step frequently. Even if the facade is not washed thoroughly, it must be swept periodically to prevent the proliferation of stains and dirt.

Step 2: Scrape Off The Bricks

A second step to cleaning brick facades is to lift the dirt brick by brick. In this case, you can help yourself with a stiff bristle brush or a spatula. We won’t be using water yet at this point, the intention is to locate which bricks have the most dirt and remove as much of it as possible.

Step 3: Fight Stains

In the last step, we will identify and fight the stains. Remember that not all types of stains are produced by the same agents:

  • If you have white spots on the brick, it could be due to sulfate buildup. It’s one of the most common stains and also the most resistant, but you can easily fight it with a very common substance: vinegar. With a cloth moistened with vinegar, rub the surface until the stain disappears, if this doesn’t work, you can repeat the process constantly and then wash with a little water.
  • For grease stains, the solution is somewhat different and very simple. You will be able to use the detergent you use frequently to wash the dishes. A splash diluted in water will suffice, then you can take a brush to apply the mixture and scrub the stains.
  • If you spot mold spots on your brick wall, you can mix some warm water with bleach and repeat the same process as before, i.e. apply and scrub.

These being the most common situations, you will succeed in cleaning the brick facade now you know how to clean a brick facade! In case you have to face this challenge, remember that if the facade is large, you can always rely on industrial cleaning experts!

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