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The need to carry out correct and thorough maintenance and cleaning of a school contains transcendental factors in the educational and social development of the student. A classroom is a space where large numbers of boys and girls live together for long hours every day. The cleanliness and hygiene of the classroom are essential because, in this stage of growth, the chances of contracting and/or infecting others are very high. No matter how old they are, students play, interact, get dirty, and coexist in the same space. This increases the risk of absorption and transmission of germs if facilities if the disinfection process has done properly. Below we will see how to manage to maintain high standards of hygiene and how can we clean a private school on a daily basis.

The Importance Of Having Clean Classrooms

In a school, dirt is present in many spaces, which is perfectly normal. A school is a space of constant activity, where hundreds of students walk, run and play every day. Constant and correct cleaning maintenance helps to avoid the concentration of germs, viruses, and bacteria that can cause diseases. Hygiene is not only an important factor in obtaining a space free from bacteria and viruses. But it is also important for the correct learning of the students. Furthermore, learning and developing skills in a clean and well-maintained environment increases students’ motivation and involvement in their school life.

Private School Cleaning Protocol

To have a school always clean, we advise you to adopt three different habits, which will be fundamental in the cleaning process of a school. In addition to the obvious individual hygiene, it is necessary to use common cleaning methods. And also to have a correct cleaning protocol.

As in a cleaning protocol for private schools, the following points are specified:

In which Space You will Do the Cleaning

In this particular case, on the objects and rooms of a school.

What Methods Should be Used for Cleaning

We must detail in the file the technique we will use and what the procedure will be. In this regard, it is essential to clarify that cleaning and disinfection are complementary but different techniques. With cleaning, remove the dirt visible to the naked eye, while with disinfection, an action following cleaning. We act on what we are not able to seen, therefore viruses, bacteria, and various others, through the use of specific detergents with disinfectant power.

What Disinfectant Materials or Compounds should be Used 

It is necessary to detail the products that you will use. The indications of the Ministry of Health suggest the use of chlorine for the elimination of viruses and bacteria. In terms of disinfection, we need chemical products therefore to eradicate the germs, bacteria, and viruses present on every surface.

When will the Cleaning be Done

 It is not enough to carry out a single disinfection or cleaning, as during a week a school can accumulate a lot of dirt and microorganisms due to the daily human movement. Cleaning with specific deadlines is the most recommended route.

Who will be Responsible for Cleaning and Supervising

It is always important to know the operators who will take care of cleaning and sanitizing in a delicate environment such as the school one. By relying on specialized companies, you will get to know the professionals in advance. And be able to verify that the work will carry out according to the required government and safety standards.

When preparing a school cleaning protocol, the first step is to take an inventory of all the equipment. And disinfect items in your facilities, detailing the type of materials from which the items are made.

To speed up operations, the report must contain specifications such as the chemical composition of the accumulated dirt, and the type of disinfectants one can handle. Or the possible risks to which a person may expose if he does not adopt the necessary preventive precautions during the process.

How To Clean A Private School Step By Step

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, each school cleaning protocol is based on the individual hygiene of each of the people who spend the day there, whether they are students or staff of any kind. This also contributes to some extent to meeting the specifications included in the cleaning protocols.

To start, it will always be necessary to remove any residues and impurities with a simple sweep. And rubbing the surfaces with elementary cleaning products. It is only a preliminary and preparatory process that cannot eliminate the existing germs but reduces them.

After the cleaning step, it will be possible to start sanitizing the different rooms and objects. This step guarantees the elimination of bacteria, thus obtaining a space free of viruses or microorganisms harmful to the health of children and the rest of the staff.

Disinfection is a fundamental process within the private school cleaning protocol which is based on the application of chemicals. That can easily kill bacteria, such as bleach, alcohol, or chlorine, considered to the World Health Organization (WHO ). The most effective disinfectant against all types of microorganisms.

When To Clean A Private School

If you decide to entrust yourself to a professional company, you will have the possibility to choose between different options to choose the one that best suits the availability of the school and your needs.

However, the best option is always to run the service during those hours when you know it with certainty that the space will not be occupied.

The cleaning service of a school can take place regularly:

  • Daily: being a daily service, cleaning will be less rigorous as constant disinfection is already carried out.
  • Weekly: in this case cleaning takes place once a week and the service is more rigorous and accurate than the daily one.
  • Periodic: in this case, there is the possibility of lengthening the time between one cleaning and another. But cleaning must be very thorough to eliminate the accumulated dirt.

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