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You enter a shop or club and you can see a thin layer of dust on the display, what is your impression? You will probably think that people are neglecting the shop. For this reason, we will see below why it is important not to underestimate cleanliness in commercial spaces, taking a careful look at hairdressing shop cleaning.

General aspects of cleaning commercial premises

Hygiene and cleanliness in business premises are very important. As it is considered the presentation letter of the company or brand. If a person enters our premises for the first time and finds something that makes them uncomfortable. It is more than likely that they will not return. It’s about making a good impression, and showing an interest in having the business premises in the correct condition. So that customers feel comfortable while inside.

The cleanliness aspect is closely related to the level of sales. It is clear that when a person feels comfortable in a place. They spend more time looking and it is therefore much easier to close sales. It is a saying that there is a direct relationship linking the company’s profits to the degree of cleanliness of its commercial premises.

The same situation also occurs with staff working on commercial premises. If they perceive a fresh and clean environment, a place free of dust, and proper sanitation of the structures, they will be happier. This will improve the performance of the workforce, which will have an impact on increasing the productivity of the company.

Types of commercial premises

Not all business premises have the same purpose or nature. So establish a classification that will help us understand the needs in terms of cleaning the premises, based on the type of activity.

Services: They deal with the sale of services. Generally, these types of establishments require a more thorough cleaning as, depending on what one offers, they may need more sanitization. We find examples such as hairdressers, bars, hotels… These are activities in which the structures require more preparation than others due to the nature of their activities.

Sales: These types of premises dedicatedly work on the sale of products. Therefore, one should do cleaning daily, but, compared to service companies, not so constantly accurate.

Today we will see below how the cleaning of a hairdressing shop you can do specifically.

Who Is Responsible For Hairdressing Shop Cleaning

The responsibility of everyone working in the salon is to maintain basic hygiene. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that everyone will follow all good hygiene and cleaning practices. Such as sterilizing combs or keeping floors clean after a client has cut their hair or nails. Creating a task list to track when each job will complete and by whom then becomes critical.

Salon cleanliness is a priority, both to offer quality services to customers but also to ensure a healthy space for employees.

  • Keep the facility clean
  • Treatment areas with a high volume of use should always keep clean and sanitized.
  • Clean the sofas and chairs in particular thoroughly between services. Most salon chairs are made from PVC or vinyl, making them easy to clean and disinfect.
  • However, it’s important to make sure you use the right cleaning products. Avoid any disinfectant that contains alcohol, as it is likely to react with the PVC or vinyl, making it brittle and eventually cracking.
  • Carry out professional sanitization in a hairdressing shop.
  • Avoid cross-contamination of equipment

Clean all types of equipment thoroughly between uses. There is a need to clean the tools that come into contact with multiple customers, such as combs, brushes, nail clippers, etc. over and over again. And kept sanitized and free from moisture when not in use. The recommendation would be to follow the instructions for each tool. Wash the towels and textiles also regularly, as stained and used towels not only look unsightly but can also harbor germs if left wet.

The Cleaning Of the Hairdressing Shop floor

The floor of a hairdresser or beauty center is a very busy passageway. For this reason, it must not only look clean, but it must always be clean and thoroughly sanitized. If a nail has chipped or there is a strand of hair around the cut area, for example, it should be removed quickly. Not only to prevent accidents but also to prevent the spread of bacteria. At the end of each day, it is highly recommended to thoroughly clean the floor with disinfectant products so that it is spotless the next day.

Personal hygiene in the salon

Maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of your business is as necessary as it is essential.

This will help you comply with the rules, and also make the perception of your customers satisfied. It’s something we take for granted, but it needs to be remembered that no matter how good hairdressers you have, a dirty place will cause your visitors to reject it in the medium to long term.

So that this doesn’t happen and you can also carry out professional management of your business. We advise you to rely on a professional cleaning company that will have a specific program for the control and management of the cleaning and sanitation of your shop.

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