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Working in a clean and comfortable office helps to make the working day more pleasant and the activities much more profitable. Cleaning an office, and in particular the floor of an office, especially if it is large and frequented by many people, is no small matter.

An office floor is a place that can get the dirtiest due to all the human traffic it endures. As there is an incredible amount of dirt on the soles of our shoes that end up on an office floor. In today’s article, we want to give you some tips to know how to clean an office floor correctly, taking into account some specific factors.

Office Floor Cleaning

One of the most important aspects when it comes to cleaning an office is that relating to floor cleaning: carpeting, parquet, and tiles. These are the coverings that require the use of suitable and specific products to be able to sanitize profoundly without damaging the material. Let’s see below the most suitable ways to proceed with cleaning an office floor.

Cleaning Time

It is always recommendable that office cleaning one can perform during off-peak hours when workers are away. This can then occur at mealtimes, in the early morning or late afternoon. In this way, it will be possible to clean a large surface area more effectively. As there will not be too many elements that hinder cleaning. And this will also not disturb the employees during their most productive hours.

The Flooring Material

The type of products or machinery that one can use to clean office floors depends a lot on the material from which the surfaces had made. Stoneware, marble, parquet, and carpeting… require specific and different cleaning and maintenance techniques.

If the floor is carpeted, you’ll need a powerful vacuum cleaner followed by steam cleaning to disinfect and remove stains.

On a parquet or stoneware-type floor, you can use the mop only after removing the most superficial dirt. But always very well wrung out without excessive water. If the flooring is made of marble, it is important to avoid the use of bleach. Since being such a porous material it could end up being damaged.

As you can see, each material has its requirements and you need to know them perfectly to avoid damaging the floor and to ensure quality cleaning.

Cleaning Products

We tend to think that it is best to use bleach so that everything is well-disinfected and clean. But not all materials are resistant to these types of abrasive products. It is therefore very important to use specific products for each flooring and thus avoid damage.

Office Carpet Floor Cleaning

Dirt Prevention

Keeping an office floor from getting excessively dirty is also part of its maintenance. And you can achieve this by using carpets at the office entrance. If every employee scrubs their feet thoroughly on a heavy-duty, high-bristle carpet before they go to work. You can significantly limit the amount of dirt on the floor.


If an office floor needs to be cleaned when employees are inside, it is very important to use visible signs of work in progress. In this way, employees can decide to take an alternative route. So as not to hinder cleaning activities and even avoid slipping if you see the floor wet.

It’s a matter of health; always report!

Disinfect The Office Floor

Proper cleaning, to eliminate germs and bacteria, involves at least three steps:

  • The first is the mechanical cleaning of dirt: you always have to vacuum or sweep.
  • After this phase, we move on to a degreasing product or a simple detergent (it is not yet the time to use a disinfectant). Going over it with a cleaning product is essential to remove that first layer of dirt which would otherwise become a type of protection against viruses and bacteria. If you do not pass this type of product, disinfection will be ineffective.
  • The last step is to use disinfectant. Depending on the type of flooring, it will be necessary to use the appropriate product. If you decide to use bleach, it must be fragrance-free, respecting the recommended dose. It is very important to mix it with cold water as if done with hot water, the chlorine evaporates and does not act as a disinfectant. In the case of alcohol, it must be isopropyl alcohol, which is ideal for cleaning upholstery and floors. However, not recommended for natural wood or marble.

During disinfection, it is very important to respect what is recommendable on the label of the product we are going to use. Some disinfectants need a certain number of minutes to perform their action. For some, it is necessary to rinse it, and for others, it is not necessary. Cleaning of this type in our homes one must do at least once a week. Obviously, it also depends a lot on our habits.

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