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How To Clean An Apartment After Tenants

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Tenants who leave behind a mess and destroyed property, unfortunately, are a common situation. Mold on the walls and slopes, insect stains, dirty window sills, the smell of cats and dogs, unwashed windows, and not washed curtains – the consequences from tenants are sometimes more like vandalism. But even if you dealt with decent tenants, they leave behind household garbage, unwashed dishes, dirt, and dust. Therefore, the most important task is to return cleanliness and well-groomedness to housing – everything that we put into the concept of “comfort”. So, How can we clean an apartment after tenants?

It happens that the owners of the apartment do not want to put things in order after the tenants on their own, but at the same time, they do not want to use the services of professional cleaners. In this case, all cleaning and cleanliness rest on the shoulders of the next tenants. But who will choose a run-down apartment for rent?

Disinfection And Cleaning Is Necessary After Tenants

After the tenants need not only cleaning but also disinfection. No matter how good the tenants are after they move out, the housing must be perfectly clean and disinfected. Therefore, when cleaning, use cleaners with enhanced properties to remove heavy dirt and destroy microorganisms – bacteria and fungi. Remember that it is not so easy to eliminate the smell of dust and dampness by airing the room.

Thorough cleanliness should be carried out in two stages: first – dry cleaning, then – wet cleaning of all surfaces. It is important to be attentive to the details of cleaning, and not to miss any of the most important stages of work. Since tenants often do not clean hard-to-reach places in an apartment at all, this is what you need to focus on first of all during cleaning.

In one of the previous articles, we already talked about how to start cleaning an apartment. In the case of tenants, the sequence of work is similar, but you should pay special attention to some places:

Places under furniture (beds and wardrobes) – here the greatest amount of dirt and dust collects;

  • Interior and exterior surfaces of furniture and interior details;
  • Office equipment and lighting fixtures (lamps, sconces, floor lamps, small chandeliers);
  • Door blocks and skirting boards;
  • Pipes and heating batteries;
  • Drain in the bathroom and wash basin;
  • Window blocks, incl. outside. After all, often tenants wash windows exclusively from the inside;
  • Cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets. Dust accumulates in the pile, and you can’t do without a washing vacuum cleaner.

Why choose a cleaning company

Quality. Speed. Efficiency. Guarantee. Here are the benefits you get by using a cleaning company. The cleaners have a certificate of quality and vast experience, thanks to which they perform all duties as quickly as possible.

The cleaning company is the guarantor of conscientious cleaning by the cleaner. This means that you will not have any complaints about the work performed.

Turning to a cleaning company – be sure that the cleaning of your apartment will be carried out by professional equipment, and this is quality and speed. You save your money because you do not buy, for example, specific disinfectants.

A definite plus is also that conscientious and high-quality cleaning prolongs the life of furniture, interiors, plumbing, and flooring. Together with order and cleanliness in a rented apartment, a space of coziness and an atmosphere of comfort is created.

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